Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The cover for panGasm was an original mixed medium painting by a deceased friend of mine, Michael Abbey. I have self published this book and chose the image myself because it represents the principle of panGasm perfectly. The principle of panGasm introduces the Divine Feminine Principle of Dark Matter, and here She is holding the Earth in her hand. As well, panGasm uses ancient text and pyramid inscriptions to merge modern scientific discovery to validate the Star-Gate of 2012 as the beginning of a New Age. The Mayan Pyramids behind the image of the Dark Mistress represent the time tables demonstrated by pyramids around the world and feature a maze in the forefront as an image indicating mankind's evolutionary progress. Since panGasm is introducing a revolutionary Sexual Ethic for the New Age, I felt as though the nude image of a mysterious woman would be a great magnet that would pull readers to it, and it is proving itself as such. This book is available at, I hope you want to know more.

Thank you for the great blog idea, I had wanted to share a little about the selection process for my book cover and will tell more about the story of how this image came to be available to me as a result of the passing of a friend of mine, if there is stated interest about hearing this story; it is a little long-winded to add to this blurb. Mahalo for your aloha