Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cover Art for Listen to the Songs of the Angels

1) No, I did not design my book’s cover.

2) No, my publisher did not design my book’s cover.

3) Yes. The finished product is the result of criteria’s I submitted to the graphic artist.

4) The story behind the design.

One Sunday afternoon while visiting a clairvoyant friend, she informed me that soon I would see a bird with a branch in its beak and that it would speak volumes to me once I acknowledged it.

The following Wednesday following a shower, I grabbed a new and unfamiliar towel at random, opened it up, and brought it to my face. Suddenly to my surprise, I noticed a dove with a branch in beak embroidered in the towel. Instantly a clear message came to mind. The dove goes on the cover of your book and the book’s colour will match that of the towel.

5) The artist is Joe Donnelly of Joe Donnelly Designs

6) I am happy with the design

7) The best part of the cover for me is that it symbolizes hope.

8) The dove which represents the Holy Spirit encircles the globe in an attempt to heal human kind.

The rainbow coloured ribbons represent the seven chakras which are inherent in everyone and connects us to source.



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