Monday, June 23, 2008

When a Man Loves a Woman by LaConnie Taylor-Jones

1) Did you design the cover? No

2) Did the publisher design the cover?

Yes, my publisher was totally responsible for the design. The staff is wonderful and very creative and I’ve been pleased with the results.

3) Did you give input?

Basically, the only thing I told my editor was that I wanted the cover to depict the love and passion a man feels for the woman he loves and somehow tie it together with the title of the story.

4) Is there an interesting story behind the cover design?

Actually, there isn’t, but I was very, very pleased with the final product, which coincided perfectly with the story of the main characters. Alcee Jules (A.J.) Baptiste who knows he wants to spend his life with Victoria (Vic) Bennett, but she wants nothing to do with love and even less to do with him. The pediatrician and single father is determined to tear down the barriers around her carefully shielded heart——no matter what it takes. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, A. J. stops at nothing to have Vic and has no recourse but to concoct as many schemes as necessary to keep her in close proximity when she threatens to relocate to Atlanta.

5) Who is the cover artist? Brian Jones

6) Are you happy with the cover?Absolutely!!

7) If not, what would you change?

8) What is the best part of the cover?

The back drop with the smiling face of the man captures the essence of the story. The confident gleam in his eye tells it all. One day, this man will win the heart of the woman he loves.

9) Is there anything else we need to know? No

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Cheryl said...

This is a great cover Laconnie. Your publisher did an amazing job with it.


carol stanley said...

Love these expressive and jarring. How does one get on this site with book cover...Looks great..carol stanley author "For Kids 59.99 and

Nikki Leigh - Author said...


The link with instructions on how to submit your cover is in the right margin near the top of every page on this blog.

Nikki Leigh