Saturday, September 13, 2008

The No Complaining Rule by Jon Gordon

1) Did you design the cover? No

2) Did the publisher design the cover?

Yes, my publisher designed it.

3) Did you give input?

We were given four different choices to decide upon, but we liked the energy meter on the front.

4) Is there an interesting story behind the cover design?

The whole book, in fact all of Jon's books, deal with gaging your energy levels in different situations. Jon is all about positive thinking and how it can affect any outcome you deal with. The energy meter on the front represents a gage the main character has to metaphorically use in the story as well as each reader.

5) Who is the cover artist? Wiley

6) Are you happy with the cover? Without a doubt!

7) If not, what would you change?

8) What is the best part of the cover?

We like the distinctive font of the book title and how it is the same color as the Positive sign in the energy meter

9) Is there anything else we need to know? Your positive energy must be greater than anyone's negativity

10) Website link....

11) Link to buy book:

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