Sunday, November 4, 2007

One Smooth Stone by Marcia Lee Laycock

We want you to share your book cover with us. An attractive cover is a big element in the appeal of your book.
We want the details about yours.

Did you design the cover? No

Did your publisher design the cover? He contracted an artist to do it.

Did you get to give any input about the cover design? Yes. I was pleasantly surprised to get a phone call from the artist one day. He wanted to know about the book, if I had any ideas for the cover and asked to read the excerpt from which we drew the image. When I told him I didn't like covers with people on them he chuckled and said we were on the same wavelength. That made me relax and we had a good chat.

Is there an interesting story behind the cover design? If so, please share the details.
When the first draft of the cover was done I asked my publisher if I could send it to some friends for their opinion and he gave permission. Some said we should change the hand to a woman's because it's women who buy the books, but those who had read a draft of the manuscript thought the cover was perfect as is.

Who is the cover artist? John Cowie

Are you happy with the cover? Yes, very happy with it. I like the colour - it's vibrant.

Tell us what you think is the best part of the cover.
An underlying theme of the book is that we all fit perfectly in God's hand. I think the cover conveys that while at the same time having enough intrigue that it will make people want to pick it up. I hope! :)

Is there anything else about your cover that we need to know? Feel free to share.
I was told that authors rarely have a say in the cover of their books, so I feel really privileged to have had some input and thankful that the artist was willing to work with me.

Please provide your website link.

What is the link to buy your book?

Marcia Lee Laycock
Author of One Smooth Stone
No matter how far you run, God will find you; no matter what you have done, God will forgive you.

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