Sunday, February 10, 2008

Nimrod Rising - A Novel By Steven Clark Bradley

Did you design the cover? - Yes, and my son taught me photo shop, yes I admit it!

Who is the cover artist? - I am the artist and had to get the colors just right.

Are you happy with the cover? - Yes, the cover speaks to me of the 4000 years since Nimrod made a pact with darkness and how it was rising and reaching its crescendo in the story. It says that the book tells the story of a final conflict between good and evil just over the horizon, ready to break forth upon the world that no longer looks to good for protection and which finds that the only hope is faith.

Tell us what you think is the best part of the cover. - I think The cover of Nimrod Rising truly reflects the nature of what the story is about. The origins of evil have not just appeared in the days in which we currently live. The history of man is replete with times when evil has reared its ugly head. Today is only exceptional in that it is so wide spread and so well organized. America is embroiled in what could be a never ending struggle against evil, and the cover of Nimrod Rising reflects the growing scourge of terrorism and the age out prediction that a day is coming when we shall have to choose whom we shall serve. Perhaps a good read of this novel will cause introspection and, in some cases, new commitments to the right and the abandonment of the wrong.

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