Monday, March 17, 2008

Walking Man

I didn't design the cover.

My publisher hired a designer and photographer.

I didn't have any input on the design.

Not really any interesting story. The photograph is the photographer's first published photo. He self-photographed his feet with a extension shutter control. He said it's really embarrassing stuff and he'll only do it when he's alone.

Cover designer is Kevin Greenblat of Austin, TX.

Photographer is Matthew Fraser of Clarksville, AR.

Yes, I'm happy with the cover. The original self-published book had a picture of me and my family on the front cover, but honestly, I looked like I had just seen a ghost, so I'm pleased with this change.

One thing I wonder about this cover is if it holds enough to keep the attention of the browser. Seems too simple.

I love the river rocks and the lace treatment around the title. The designer created that for this book and he calls it Andean lace, which is fitting because my book is about life in the Andes Mountains.

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