Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sinbad's Last Voyage by Toni Sweeney

We want you to share your book cover with us. An attractive cover is a big element in the appeal of your book.We want the details about yours.

I was asked to provide a scene I thought would be appropriate for the cover of Sinbad's Last Voyage. I decided on a scene near the end of the book where Sinbad and Andrea are on the edge of a cliff, surrounded by Albegensi warriors who are firing at them with lasers.

Did you design the cover?


Did your publisher design the cover?

The publisher designed the cover. I believe he does most of the covers himself.

Did you get to give any input about the cover design?

I had to give him a physical description of the scene, and the two characters--how the cliff-edge was covered with boulders, what Andi and Sin looked like, their clothing, weapons, etc.

Is there an interesting story behind the cover design? If so, please share the details.

The main problem we had was with Sinbad's ears. Being part-feline, he has pointed ears like a lynx's. I kept getting this e-mail asking, "What does a lynx look like?" so I did my own sketch of Sinbad and sent it to him. We decided to leave off the moustache because later, he shaves it off.

Who is the cover artist?

Deron Douglas, publisher and editor of Double Dragon Publications. Other examples of his work can be seen at

Are you happy with the cover?

I think it shows exactly what I wanted.

If not, what would you change and why?

The ears--a little more pointy on the tip.

Tell us what you think is the best part of the cover.

Sinbad, naturally. He's portrayed physically as I described him in the book.

Please provide your website link.

What is the link to buy your book? (for paperbacks); (for e-books).

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Nightingale said...

This cover is appealing. I haven't read the book but it has moved to the head of my reading list. This author is one of my favorites.