Sunday, July 13, 2008

Crimson Promise by Sapphire Phelan

Did you design the cover? No, I didn't.

Did your publisher design the cover? Yes, they did.

Did you get to give any input about the cover design?
Not this time, but I loved it. Puts me into mind of Madri Gras.

Is there an interesting story behind the cover design? If so, please share the details. None for this one.

Who is the cover artist? Debi Lewis.

Are you happy with the cover? Oh yes. Had people compliment on it.

Tell us what you think is the best part of the cover. That it's beautiful.

Is there anything else about your cover that we need to know? Feel free to share. Nothing else.

Please provide your website link. (Sapphire Phelan's/Pamela K. Kinney's Website)

What is the link to buy your book?

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