Sunday, October 7, 2007

Prairie Peace by Ginger Simpson

Did you design the cover? No

Did your publisher design the cover? Yes.

Did you get to give any input about the cover design? I provided the artist with details about the plot and characters and told her I wasn't interested in caricature type pictures.

Is there an interesting story behind the cover design? If so, please share the details. Nothing other than I was so surprised to see how she captured the essence of the story.

Who is the cover artist? Julie D'Arcy

Are you happy with the cover? Very, considering she did it in one day.

If not, what would you change and why? If I had to change just one thing, it might be the font of the letters.

Tell us what you think is the best part of the cover. The fact that my heroine is torn between two heroes and the cover effectively depicts her dilemma.

Is there anything else about your cover that we need to know? Feel free to share. This is a new cover for an improved version of my 2003 debut novel.

Please provide your website link.

What is the link to buy your book?

Spice up your life with Ginger


Sun Singer said...

Your new cover has more ambiance, so to speak, then the older cover (which is still the one shown on Amazon).

The art work is so much more prominent here. Let's hope more people are lured into the first chapter...and beyond.


Sabrina said...

People should read this.