Monday, December 24, 2007

Dark Shines My Love by Alexis Hart

Dark Shines My Love is a special book to me. It is the first interracial story I have written, though, that is my background. This book has been through a series of covers (three re-issues and three covers) but this one fits the theme and tone of the books nicely. While I helped pick the images to be used, I did not put them all together. I did have a lot of input on the cover and that allowed me to feel better about the final product.

This book, while it is an interracial book, is more about the characters. Thought out to be a contemporary gothic, I needed to convey the dark and foreboding tendencies of the main character. It was extraordinarily difficult to find the perfect images, seen from the hero’s eyes, as he is blind. This put us into the heroine’s mind and how she saw things, while still keeping in theme.

Echelon Press is blessed to have Nathalie Moore (Graphic Muse Designs) as our sole cover artist and she does remarkable work. With the initial two covers, I was okay with them, but it wasn’t until this “final” cover that I really felt good. Nathalie did an excellent job

One of the most unique characteristics about this cover is its darkness. And yet, the soft rose brings out the hint of romance that can bloom in even the most forbidden places. Gives me shivers.

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