Monday, December 24, 2007

PSI Blue by Robert Walker

The cover art for PSI Blue by Robert W. Walker, Echelon Press,was designed by my son, Stephen R. Walker who owns and operates his own Computer Graphics company The choice of the cover was Stephen's once he read teh book, and it depicts the sort of twisting, confusing images that the main character, Rae Murphy Hiyakawa, half Asian, half Irish, and all psychically empowered woman gets when she goes on a psychic quest for answers to murder and mayhem. Rae is done in a Janet Evanovich tongue-in-cheek approach to a serial killer novel, so it is both humorous and ghastly at once and meant to be.
Personally, I feel the cover "covers" the story within, but it seems to be not so
appealing to others who are "confused" there are a lot of images and details to take
in at once. Once a reader begins the story, I am told, they "get" the cover art. I love the feel of it,
the look of it because it is vastly different from so many "simple" or straightforward covers, but that's
just me. I wouldn't change anythiing about it save making it a bit lighter in color as the printers got it
darker than the original. This was not the publisher's fault.

The novel is about the strange, mysterious world of real life psychics and based on one that I know;
picked her brain a great deal for details and character of the main lady at the helm of the ship PSI
Blue. PSI Blue can be ordered via or at, and or on E-book

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